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Andy Futcher Andy Futcher, Digital Director
As the digital director of a Perth based advertising agency I have been exposed to all kinds of crazy ideas and seen first hand pretty much everything that can go wrong when advertising online. From vast sums of money people waste on pay per click - to the usual dirty tricks that envelope virtually all forms of commercial activity over the internet. If you run a business that takes your web-presence seriously; then you need a company to help steer you through the misinformation and help you find real profitability.

My digital marketing philosophy focuses on the smallest possible quantifiable metric; the impression.
If you are unaware; impressions are counted every time a creative appears on a digital screen, this data is usually overlooked because impressions are mistakenly considered to be free. Each impression shown to a non-customer is a click “RISK” and a potentially costly mistake! By only showing your ads to real customers, clicks carry much less risk!

Most websites can only hope to turn a profit from advertising after many hundreds of conversions are recorded, this dependence on conversions costs businesses tens of thousands of dollars! ReachMetrics focuses on impressions first, rapidly and cost-effectively gathering actionable data from the very first day your campaign goes live!

In my years of experience with AdWords, I started noticing patterns hidden deep within the conversions data. Clicks that converted regularly came from ad-spaces that were located on or directly linked from content that was ‘highly trending’. I developed many ways to measure this trending nature; from detecting high organic rankings to recent social-posts and social-media awareness. By writing scripts that measured these metrics - 20,000 placements at a time - I am able to rapidly generate highly targeted ‘placements’ lists or negative placements depending on your growth strategy. By further cross referencing contextual target matching, I am able to proactively drive engagement further than ever before.

These breakthroughs led me to develop the Search Analytx™ and the Social Analytx™ tools, focusing on Social Media Awareness and Search Performance as quality click indicators. I later developed Language Analytx™ and Web Page Analytx™ which sought to underpin on-page content quality by analysing textual-data looking for the use of over 1.5 million known words and phrases in the correct order. This later extended to Mobile Analytx™ which linked the Apple, Google Play and Windows stores review data and ratings to the Language Analytx™ tool for further Quality Assessments.

You don't have to be the Best in the world; just better than all your competitors
Clicks don't matter; what really matters is the type of person that actually Sees your ads!

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If you would like to get in touch you can do so with the Contact Us link below; if you would like to send us mail you may address your envelopes to the address marked to the right of this text.

Andy Futcher is the sole owner of this website and the technology of the marketing initiative. Reach Metrics is NOT affiliated with any other companies (not Internet Marketing nor Search Engine Companies) and see impartiality as a vital part of the Reach Metrics role in global digital marketing industry.