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Reach Metrics™ provides intelligent & innovative solutions for all businesses looking to enhance the quality of incoming traffic from Paid Sources like AdWords, DoubleClick Exchange, Bing Ads and Social Media. When bidding for traffic, not only does your business indirectly sponsor the content on which your ads run, but also inherits its audience! Your business has the right to regulated, high quality traffic and Reach Metrics™ is the key.

adspace-analytx What is the secret to running a successful PAY per CLICK advertising campaign? This question has kept digital marketers debating since the very first online ad brokers...
Many say it’s all about engagement - others will tell you it’s all about conversions - these are only ‘part’ of the story. Our analytics demonstrate that success is first and foremost about the “digital ad-space” within your advertising campaigns - these are the Webpages and Mobile Apps on which your ads appear.

Our technology shows how the relationship between the ‘page content’ and the ad-spaces affect the reciprocating quality of each click - this relationship is the biggest influence on both engagement and conversions in your campaigns. Think about it - these ad-spaces are the actual source of the traffic you pay for and drilling down into the data of your campaign placements is what Reach Metrics™ products are all about.

Our extensive product range helps you easily control and manage campaign “ad space” by Retroactively (using downloadable history for existing campaigns) and Proactively generating unique campaign specific placement exclusions & targeting lists tailored to your needs.

How much Campaign Data has Reach Metrics™ Accumulated?

Live Real-Time Snapshot from our Database:
66,449 keywords generated from over 2,077,037 contextual placements,
 collected from 232,289 ad-aware domains and the interstitials from 119,362 mobile apps.

Show Me Top Performing Advertiser Display Advertising Placements
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to see top 1,000 placements!

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SEM for Your Business

AdWords Responsive Ads Flexibility is a big part of business today and because no business is static your advertising campaign should reflect the way you do business! Reach Metrics™ AdWords Display Advertising Toolkits give you the opportunity to change your Ads as often as you like – adapting to daily promotions, changing stock levels and market conditions as you do. This flexibility is key to earning profit from your advertising campaign and is easier than you think, thanks to recent Google innovations like Responsive Ads. This new adaptable and responsive ad format makes it easy to create great looking advertisements; complete with optional photo and logo that display beautifully on all device types.

Reach Metrics™ AdWords Display Advertising Toolkits offer the following self-managed campaign benefits without the hassle of maintaining your campaign’s advanced targeting metrics:

  • Add / Change your advertisements as often as you like – keeping your ads as dynamic as you are is the real secret to AdWords success. Our AdWords Display Advertising Toolkits offer you unlimited flexibility with best possible performance!
  • Control your own budget and pay AdWords directly – Staying profitable means wasting as little budget as possible, increasing spend when the conditions are ripe and even potentially pausing campaigns when stocks are low.
  • Target customers in cities and suburbs – Target customers closest to your business with confidence, thanks to our ‘Local IP Exclusions’ and even optionally adjust the spend differently for each location / area.
  • Your account, your business, your control – Even if you have an existing or old AdWords campaign, you control the access of our Reach Metrics™ AdWords Manager Account (MCC) and all updates are detailed in a monthly email.

Our SEM solutions and products make it easy to create and download listings relating to specific criteria for your target market and consumers.