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Mobile Content Analytics Imagine your word processor had the ability to offer you a variety of popular topics, research keywords and find you reciprocal ideas automatically using the content you had already written? Then imagine simply by editing in-to or inserting any of the provided idea keywords into your draft copy, client articles/documents or businesses blog posts would give your writing style a more professional sound; all while actually improving your company or personal brand by maximizing engagement and usability, better target audience and more useful to your website users/blog readers. This is just one of the built-in advertisers features freely available as standard with Content Analytx™ and it makes improving your online visibility and user experience with search engines and search engine optimization (SEO)!

Content Analytx™ (originally called “Verb Perfect”) is a Suggestion Tool for copywriters that comes in the form of a very powerful cloud based web content editor and word processor, providing temporary on line storage, powerful language analysis and a unique content suggestions or examples system designed to take your web content, creative blogs and social media posts to the next level!

So what can Content Analytx™ do for me? Introducing a radical new variety of word processor technology that used to increase your penmanship considerably; Using our innovative language analysis we formulate highly relevant and often compelling words and phrases for the topics you are already exploring within your document. By simply including a few well placed headings in your unfinished work and using the Get Ideas / Similar / Reciprocal Suggestions tool you can benefit from hundreds of our groundbreaking and catchy recommendations in minutes, without digging around in directory websites is a real time-save. You can even choose specific language/demographic preferences precisely to tailor your contents focus on a specific target market, audience or reader base. In the past simple finding highly related keywords to help perfect your articles meant scouring the dictionary or thesaurus to find the perfect tense and word forms too; Reach Metrics word processing helps make your articles present perfect using our delightful future perfect and past perfect.

Reach Metrics™ products and tools are cloud based web-applications, if you are seeing this website you can use our Products without having to download or install any software. Reach Metrics™ features live reporting and analyses up to 20,000 placements while you wait. Our flexible reporting technology is compatible with all modern web-browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Technology For Copywriters!

Contextual Processor If you own your own consulting business or are just a freelance copywriter, Content Analytx™ meets your writers checklist when writing content for websites, brochures and digital marketing; optimised editorials are designed to be as persuasive to search engines as they are to customers, reassurance without the engagement ring.

Best way to define our Content Analytics tool is a cloud based accounts designed to temporarily store, manipulate and help you improve content intended for General Public Licence (GPL) or General Public Release. The advantage of Content Analytx™ being a web application over that of existing word processing programs is that you can access/open, make changes and review your data files in any web browser on any of the worlds top tablet/phone OS's; like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Oracle Opera and Mozilla Firefox. This allows you to always print and share your documents on any of your computers, smartphones, laptops, notebooks, tablets and just about any internet capable devices. Allowing easy recording of textual content while you are on-the-go, formatting of documents from any desktop, sending documents on any social network and printing functionality of any printer - all included in one basic product!

Content Analytics Designed for people doing words; jam packed with features helping the copy writer and web professionals/developers write content conforming to your particular perfective aspect and fitting it with new terms and ideas to help finish the article; while fully respecting excellent spelling, grammar and pronunciation until completion. We are developing our main Content Analytics suite in other languages too including Spanish, Italian, Japanese and even Mandarin and should be completed sometime in the near future.

Get reciprocal present tense ideas automatically with Content Analytx™ - pronounced Verb as in the word form - not tense; simply inserting these topics into any website improves the overall user experience (UX), conversion rate, earnings from each searcher and thus visibility with search engines!

Content Analytx™ also includes automated essay scoring (AES) systems and is openly participating in the educational drive towards these teaching tools, more coming soon on the subject.

Reach Metrics™ products and tools are cloud based web-applications, if you are seeing this website you can use our Products without having to download or install any software. Reach Metrics™ features live reporting and analyses up to 20,000 placements while you wait. Our flexible reporting technology is compatible with all modern web-browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

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Meets your needs when writing for websites and all digital marketing; optimised editorials are persuasive to search engines and customers alike.