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Exclusion Analytics Reach Metrics Exclusion Analytx™ tool generates geo-targeted IPv4 address exclusions tailored for Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns; blocking impressions and clicks from competitors, regular website traffic and visitors from popular data centers.

Gaining market share is simultaneously the biggest challenge and the lifeblood of any company's growth portfolio. By using regular injections of ‘selectively cleaned’ access data from the server administrators - a task easily implemented within existing web hosting frameworks - Exclusion Analytx tool is able to calibrate specific campaigns targeted IP ranges to focus investment on the acquisition of new customers! A technique we have witnessed offering double-digit percentage gains in all measurable conversion ratios and CPA performance. With increased power & flexibility of our Reach Metrics™ access point lookup servers we are able to scale this technique up to meet the needs of big business with rapid turnaround times.

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    Prevents spending budget expenditure on regular website visitors; by focusing PPC campaign spend away from regulars increases spending on the acquisition of new customers!
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    Prevents competitors networks from viewing and even clicking your adverts; thus ensuring maximum exposure to new clientèle for your business.
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    Clicks from computers located within server data centers often indicates the potential of Adsense abusers; blocking these not only massively improves conversion ratios but saves advertising budget too!

Reach Metrics™ products and tools are cloud based web-applications, if you are seeing this website you can use our Products without having to download or install any software. Reach Metrics™ features live reporting and analyses up to 20,000 placements while you wait. Our flexible reporting technology is compatible with all modern web-browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

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Exclusion Analytics tool generates geo-targeted IPv4 exclusions, blocking clicks from competitors and visitors from popular data centers.