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Keyword Analytics Keyword Analytx™ is important on the internet today because of the old adage; “you are what you say”. Just like search engines are able to trend the individual search results of millions of searchers (using account level search history), they are also able to trend on a much larger scale by mining vast amounts of geo- and demographic search data. This information is then used by search engines to determine which search pages best address the needs, themes and concerns of all searchers; this is what is really meant by the word RELEVANCY!

Reach Metrics™ features complicated data-mining tools to parse millions of keywords found on competitor pages, using sophisticated content mapping technology combined with search information we are able to accurately identify and outline most (if not all) of relevant keywords for just about any search terms and phrases you can think of. Thus using Reach Metrics technology you are able to accurately corroborate search data and identify keywords that should be considered for inclusion within the written text and markups of a suitable search terms landing page.

The Effect of Search History on Relevancy;
This on-page content effect is further compounded by the trending of individuals search results; by not “matching” the relevant keywords of any individual's previous search records (read: search history) the missing relevant keywords would count as a NEGATIVE to the relevant landing pages - unless the keyword was included in the on-page content. This is why on-page content has such a profound effect on search results and SERP performance, the better the content is tailored to the target market - the better the search result performance for all long and short-tail organic search terms!

Reach Metrics™ products and tools are cloud based web-applications, if you are seeing this website you can use our Products without having to download or install any software. Reach Metrics™ features live reporting and analyses up to 20,000 placements while you wait. Our flexible reporting technology is compatible with all modern web-browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

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Reach Metrics™ data-mining tools use sophisticated content mapping technology combined with search information to accurately identify relevant keywords.