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The Mobile Analytx™ tool collates Mobile Application ratings, reviews and developer information by their corresponding App Store IDs, allowing rapid assessment of in-app interstitial ad-space and reciprocal traffic quality.

The Mobile Analytx™ tool collates Mobile Application ratings, reviews and developer information by their corresponding App Store IDs, allowing rapid assessment of in-app interstitial ad-space and reciprocal traffic quality.

  • Reach Metrics Products
    Tracks Mobile Apps which have less than 10,000 reviews, thus blocking lower quality traffic which results in a campaign with typically popular apps representing the best audience.
  • Reach Metrics Products
    Tracks and blocks Mobile Apps which have low overall scores (usually out of 5 star ratings), resulting in apps with stronger, improved conversions.
  • Reach Metrics Products
    Detects Mobile and Web Apps which have no corresponding stores or in the case where their store licences have been revoked, resulting in stronger, quality traffic.

Reach Metrics™ products and tools are cloud based web-applications, if you are seeing this website you can use our Products without having to download or install any software. Reach Metrics™ features live reporting and analyses up to 20,000 placements while you wait. Our flexible reporting technology is compatible with all modern web-browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

What Are Mobile App Metric Display Advertising Toolkits?

Self Managed = Low Risk Campaigns Reach Metrics™ AdWords Display Advertising Toolkits offer you affordable and profit focused campaigns hand-built onto any Google AdWords account of your choosing. Each Display Advertising campaign is configured by one of our in-house digital marketing professionals and feature up to 30 unique customisations and considerations. Campaigns are optimised with each decision designed to tap into the profit earning potential of your website and extract maximum performance - dollar for dollar.

Utilising techniques honed over the creation of thousands of successful campaigns, Reach Metrics™ AdWords Display Advertising Toolkits take out the guess-work and do away with the uncertainty experienced by thousands of advertisers. Combining the use of in-house Reach Metrics™ placement analysis tools, we offer businesses and website owners unparalleled click performance with the flexibility and safety of owning your own self-managed Google AdWords account.

Show Me Top Performing Mobile Applications
IDApplicationReach AnalytxContextual
App IDMobile AppReach AnalytxContextual Matches
2-com.timesnowmobile.timesnowTimes Now News App7,551,00059
2-com.cleanmaster.mguardClean Master App5,180,00085 TODAY App4,366,00096
2-com.weheartitWe Heart It App4,243,00055 Translator Dictionary App4,027,00050
2-com.caramakeup.indroidHow to Make Up Complete App3,851,00035
2-com.sofascore.resultsSofaScore Live Score App3,752,00062
2-com.cleanmaster.securityCM Security AppLock AntiVirus App2,941,000117 App2,730,00032
2-com.kplus.livewallLive Wall HD Free 2016 App2,243,00019
2-com.qihoo.security360 Security Antivirus Boost App2,146,00049
2-com.oki.colorsLearning colors for kids App2,033,00049 Games App1,871,00058
2-com.dianxinos.optimizer.duplayDU Speed Booster Cleaner App1,767,00093
2-com.dianxinos.dxbsDU Battery Saver Fast Charge App1,759,00087
2-com.outfit7.mytalkingtomfreeMy Talking Tom App1,752,00077
2-com.cento.gates.main100 Gates App1,690,00052
2-com.bbmBBM App1,470,000102
2-com.elift.hdplayerHD Video Player App1,358,00043
2-me.pou.appPou App1,344,00088 File Explorer File Manager App1,212,000109
2-com.magnetic.openmapsMaps, Navigation Directions App1,168,00067
2-com.fingersoft.hillclimbHill Climb Racing App1,163,000115
2-com.ijinshan.kbatterydoctor_enBattery Doctor App1,157,00052
2-com.hungrybolo.remotemouseandroidRemote Mouse App1,117,00077
2-com.oki.phonenewKids game baby phone App1,098,00066
2-com.empiregamesdevelopment.hillclimbchallengeHill Climb Challenge App1,094,00039 World App1,077,00040
2-com.surpax.ledflashlight.panelSuper-Bright LED Flashlight App1,071,00097 mail App1,025,000108
2-com.oinf.policetestfreePolice Test Free App970,00040
2-com.hit18golf.golf18 Hits Golf App966,00025 Mini fast web browser App931,00071
2-com.gamebrain.cartoonCartoon Photo App914,00038
2-com.ffgames.racingincarRacing in Car App900,000116
2-com.roidapp.photogridPhoto Grid-Photo Collage Maker App885,00037
2-com.phyora.apps.reddit_nowNow for Reddit App865,00076
2-com.outfit7.mytalkingangelafreeMy Talking Angela App863,00086
2-com.finnalwin.bestfontBest Fonttext on photo App856,00056
2-com.creapp.photoeditorPhoto Editor Pro Effects App846,00061
2-com.utilityapps.videoplayerhdVideo Player HD App838,00028 Temple App823,00039
2-com.etermax.preguntados.liteTrivia Crack App819,00071
2-com.webnapp.musicplayer1Music Player Unlimited App819,00057
2-me.parlorParlor Instant Talk 1-on-1. App817,00050
2-com.venticake.retricaRetrica App813,00055
2-com.picsart.studioPicsArt Photo Studio App806,00050
2-com.oki.colorsnewKids colors learning App792,00049 Line App790,00048
2-com.robtopx.geometryjumpliteGeometry Dash Lite App745,000116
2-com.mobilesecurity.antivirusproFree Antivirus 2016 App745,00034
2-com.apusapps.launcherAPUS Launcher-Theme, Wallpaper App739,00071
2-com.popularapp.periodcalendarPeriod Tracker, My Calendar App702,00081
2-com.kokteyl.goalGoal Live Scores App697,00047
2-com.dubaipolice.uaedriftingDubai Drift 2 App674,00081
2-com.fever3d.trafficracingcarTraffic Racing Car App667,00040
2-net.zedge.androidZEDGE Ringtones Wallpapers App665,000113
2-com.ticktalk.translatevoiceTranslate voice Translator App662,00026
2-com.skgames.trafficracerTraffic Racer App651,000105
2-net.m7g7.newbornspasalonNewborn Spa Salon App650,00029
2-com.sgiggle.productionTango Free Video Call Chat App649,00098
2-com.ugamestudio.sketchDraw like an Artist App647,00059 Play Newsstand App626,00099
2-com.skgames.trafficriderTraffic Rider App614,00067
2-com.fusionmedia.investingStocks, Forex, Futures News App613,000105
2-com.devuni.flashlightTiny Flashlight LED App597,00057
2-com.topfreegames.bikeracefreeworldBike Race Free Top Free Game App593,00092 School App593,00045
2-com.ansangha.drdrivingDr. Driving App593,00082
2-audiobooks.searchFree Audiobooks Search App582,00031
2-com.i6.rccarCar Driving Simulator App581,00066
2-com.mxtech.videoplayer.adMX Player App573,00076
2-holoduke.soccer_genFootball Live Scores App565,00029
2-com.truecallerTruecaller Caller ID Block App557,00086
2-air.spacezombies2Try to escape 2 App556,00051
2-com.firsttouchgames.storyScore Hero App545,00078
2-com.domobile.applockAppLock App525,00059
2-app.trombon.applockerpatternApp Lock Pattern App523,00037
2-com.finnal.photoeditorPhoto Editor-Selfie Effects App504,00061
2-com.prettysimple.criminalcaseandroidCriminal Case App502,000104
2-com.socialnmobile.hd.flashlightColor Flashlight App502,000104
2-com.toi.reader.activitiesThe Times of India News App500,000121
2-com.creativemobile.dragracingDrag Racing App499,00078
2-com.bestgame.christmasHill Racing Christmas Special App495,00047 App477,000109
2-com.psafe.msuiteAntivirus, Booster Cleaner App472,00052
2-com.umonistudio.tileDon t Tap The White Tile App472,00084
2-wp.wattpadWattpad Free Books App469,000107
2-gr.blogspot.feasyapps.animalsforkidsAnimals for Kids App458,00052
2-com.oki.numbersKids games learning numbers App452,00046
2-com.shazam.androidShazam App441,00083
2-com.gagame.superdragonSuper Dragon Warriors Heroes App437,00042 Camera App423,00069
2-com.outfit7.talkingtom2freeTalking Tom Cat 2 App418,00091
2-com.starbucksv.blackwhitegameDon t Tap The White Tiles App412,00054 World App412,00057
2-com.crygamestudio.sniper_assassinSniper Assassin App410,00053
2-com.ukarts.police.vs.sportscar.robbersPolice Pursuit Driving 3D App407,00064
2-com.beautygirlsinc.android_popstargirlsPop Star Girl Teen Fashion App391,00061 Defense App390,00097 Fruit App390,00019
2-com.appbasic.magazinephotoframesMagazine Photo Frames App390,00044
2-com.dragracingtraffic.modifiedcarracerRacing cars Modified cars App389,00055
2-com.kinggames.bananakingBanana king App385,00028
2-com.i6.truckdrivinghillclimbTruck Driving Hill Climb App381,00037 Blur App379,00062
2-com.creativemobile.dr2Drag Racing Club Wars App373,000131
2-com.powerapps2.picscollagePics Collage Photo Grid Maker App371,00056
2-com.minigames.spiderguy_2Spider Guy App371,00033
2-com.i6.citymotorbikeracing3dCity Motorbike Racing 3D App366,00044
2-com.espn.score_centerESPN App366,000104
2-com.sameconnection.vestirnoviasWedding Dressup Kids Games App365,00047 Crush Free App364,00030
2-com.creativemobile.dr4x4Drag Racing 4x4 App362,000112
2-com.myboyfriendisageek.videocatcher.demoAVD Download Video App360,00063 Boy App359,00082
2-com.miniclip.plagueincPlague Inc. App355,000112 on Pictures App App350,00072 Journey App348,00042
2-com.eternoDailyhunt App345,00090
2-com.anygame.descendantsarcheryDescendants Archery App342,00054 Maker App340,00062 Security Lite Speed Boost App339,00049
2-com.zeptolab.ctr2.f2p.googleCut the Rope 2 App336,00076
2-wp.wpbetaWP Beta App336,00040
2-tunein.playerTuneIn Radio Radio Music App334,00076
2-com.newpower.apkmanagerApkShare App334,00050
2-com.popularapp.sevenmins7 Minute Workout App333,00092
2-com.ogqcorp.bghBackgrounds HD App332,00044
2-bravoo.instagramdownloaderVideo Downloader for Instagram App327,00048
2-com.beautygirlsinc.android_younggirlsalonPrincess Prom Night Dress Up App320,00076
2-emoji.keyboard.emoticonkeyboardEmoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons App317,00065
2-com.antivirusAVG AntiVirus FREE for Android App316,00066
2-com.cyworld.cameraCymera Selfie Photo Editor App312,00090
2-com.devexpert.weatherWeather Clock Widget Android App312,00099
2-com.breakbricks.mobileappsproBreak Bricks App312,00033
2-com.cyberlink.youcammakeupYouCam Makeup Makeover Studio App311,00082
2-net.aharm.wordsearchWord Search Free App310,00033
2-com.lbe.parallel.intlParallel SpaceMulti Accounts App304,00075
2-com.accuweather.androidAccuWeather App304,00096
2-com.fivemobile.thescoretheScore Sports Scores News App303,00076
2-com.fakecall2Fake Call 2 App299,00049
2-appinventor.ai_nels0n0s0ri0.mirutinaGYMG FITNESS WORKOUT App295,00041
2-digitalfish.counterClick Counter Free App292,00052 Moto App292,00087
2-com.i6.sniperarmyshooter3dArmy Sniper Shooter 3D App290,00055
2-com.riv3r.citybusdriverCity Bus Driver App285,00072
2-com.jb.emoji.gokeyboardGO Keyboard Emoji, Sticker App277,00059
2-com.i6.police_motorbike_simulator_3dPolice Motorbike Simulator 3D App277,00068
2-com.dreamstudio.naturesoundsNature Sounds App275,00071
2-com.avg.cleanerCleaner Booster for Android App269,00086
2-com.kemimobile.applockwatcherAppLock App263,00034
2-com.delightgames.delightgamesDelight Games App261,00088
2-com.zynga.wordsWords With Friends Classic App259,00064
2-com.anygame.pescartiburonesShark Fishing App258,00037
2-com.tinymission.dailyworkoutsfreeDaily Workouts FREE App257,00090
2-com.advancedprocessmanagerAssistant for Android App257,00065
2-com.wixot.wordsearchWord Search App257,00041
2-com.julian.fastracingFast Racing 3D App256,00096
2-com.zentertain.photoeditorPhoto Editor Pro App255,00067
2-com.topfreegame.blockpuzzleplusBlock Puzzle Classic Plus App252,00037 Candy With Friends App252,00026 Mini browser beta App252,00051
2-com.usgames.constructiontruck3dConstruction Truck 3D App252,00048
2-com.i6.airplanepilotsimulator3dAirplane Pilot Simulator 3D App251,00065
2-com.cooltouchgames.bubbleshooterBubble Shooter Classic App249,00020
2-com.myyearbook.mMeetMe Chat Meet New People App249,00034
2-jp.naver.linecamera.androidLINE Camera Animated Stickers App249,00056
2-com.match.three.candydrop.freeCandy Drop App248,00045
2-fr.savestates.motmelangeFrench Words mixed App247,00034
2-com.zombie.shot.gameZombie Shot App246,00054
2-com.racergame.cityracing3dCity Racing 3D App246,00084 Lyrics Music App242,00079
2-gbis.gbandroidGasBuddy Find Cheap Gas App239,00096
2-com.rcg.fivesFives App238,00068
2-com.i6.policebikesimPolice Bike Traffic Rider App238,00059
2-com.jellycandy.fungamesJelly Candy Fun Games App234,00022
2-com.kii.safeHide Pictures Keep Safe Vault App233,00059
2-com.outfit7.talkinggingerfreeTalking Ginger App232,000102 Lock Screen App231,00044
2-com.pandoomobile.bubblespaceBubble Space App229,00040
2-net.mobilecraft.realbasketballReal Basketball App227,00092
2-com.hapogames.bubbleparadiseBubble Worlds App226,00075
2-com.yongwu.tetris099Classic Blocks App225,00060
2-com.imgur.mobileImgur Awesome Images GIFs App224,00062
2-com.oki.washAnimals washing for kids App224,00063
2-com.cardinalblue.piccollage.googlePic Collage App222,00065
2-com.gau.go.launcherex.gowidget.weatherwidgetGO Weather Forecast Widgets App221,00059
2-com.i6.snipershooting3dSniper Shooting 3D App220,00070
2-com.outfit7.talkingtomTalking Tom Cat App218,000100
2-com.leo.appmasterPrivacy Lock App218,00083
2-com.mobili.princessDress Up Princess Girl Fashion App217,00053
2-com.estoty.game20482048 Number puzzle game App217,00051
2-com.bhatia.rakesh.oldsolitarClassic Solitaire App217,00035 Ice Cream Cone Cupcake App214,00049
2-com.bubleshoot.popbubble.shooterPanda Shooter Pop 2016 App213,00049 Parking School 3D App212,00063 News App212,00067
2-com.joyogaming.sushiCookingQueen Sushi Restaurant App211,00043
2-bubbleshooter.origBubble Shooter App210,00059
2-com.natenai.glowhockeyGlow Hockey App209,00081 Player Audio Player App209,00049
2-com.myfitnesspal.androidCalorie Counter MyFitnessPal App208,000100 Racing Extreme App208,00048
2-com.momgame.marbleblastCrazy Marble App207,00049
2-mobi.yellow.boosterYellow Booster Clean Boost App207,00047
2-com.dhqsolutions.enjoyphotoPhoto Effects Pro App206,00056
2-air.levriver.soccerheroSoccer Hero App205,00036
2-com.itunestoppodcastplayer.appPodcast Republic App204,00072
2-com.mobilityware.solitaireSolitaire App201,00052 Usage Monitor App201,00042
2-com.mobappwiz.solitaireclassicSolitaire Classic App200,00025
2-com.match.three.candyswap.freeCandy Swap App199,00045
2-com.i6.monstertruckracing3dMonster Truck Racing 3D App199,00068
2-de.lotum.whatsinthefoto.us4 Pics 1 Word App198,00054 3D free App198,00039
2-com.viettran.inkredibleINKredible Handwriting Note App198,000112 City Moto App197,00050
2-com.lionmobi.powercleanPower Clean Optimize Cleaner App197,00063
2-com.linecorp.b612.androidB612 Selfie from the heart App196,00068
2-com.outfit7.talkingbenTalking Ben the Dog App195,000104
2-air.beingfashiondesignerBeing Fashion Designer Games App194,00039 App194,00071
2-arrow.collage.makerPhoto Collage Editor App193,00039
2-logos.quiz.companies.gameLogo Quiz App193,00040 Recorder App192,00054
2-com.aim.racingExtreme Car Driving Simulator App191,00053 The Song Music Quiz App190,00043 Car Driving 2016 App189,00049
2-com.aim.suvextremeExtreme Racing SUV Simulator App189,00045
2-com.aim.racingturborExtreme Racing GT Simulator 3D App188,00055
2-com.wantu.activityPhoto Editor FotoRus App186,00054 Racing Car Simulator App186,00043
2-com.july.ndtvNDTV News India App186,00059
2-com.micube.sushiSushi House App185,00070
2-com.bigduckgames.flowFlow Free App184,00048
2-cn.wps.moffice_engWPS Office PDF App182,00070
2-com.citycardriving3dCity Driving 3D App182,00046
2-com.forthblue.poolPool Billiards Pro App180,000104
2-com.cootek.smartinputv5TouchPal Keyboard Cute Emoji App180,00058
2-com.coloring.trainsTrain drawing game for kids App178,00051
2-com.zentertain.photocollagePhoto Collage Editor App177,00052
2-com.techvelley.vigocarparking3dParking Car 3D App176,00030
2-com.coloring.girlsfreeGirls Games Free Coloring App176,00041
2-com.pixlr.expressPixlr Free Photo Editor App176,000130
2-com.abto.glitternailsGlitter Nail Salon Girls Game App175,00086
2-com.bestweatherfor.bibleoffline_pt_raBible Offline App175,00063
2-net.purplestudio.pethairsalonPet Hair Salon Girl Games App175,00024
2-anews.comAnews all the news and blogs App175,00084
2-air.mwe.cartoonanimalescapeEscape Cartoon Animal App173,00038
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