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AdWords Placement Analytics

Self Managed = Low Risk Campaigns Reach Metrics™ Placement Check Up assess the ORIGINS of the paid-for traffic you bid upon with each campaign (ie: the actual websites and apps on which your ads display to visitors).
We use various quality assessments to analyse each Mobile App and Web-page individually; excluding placements that do not meet the quality standards which in turn saves you money by pro-actively blocking wasteful clicks. Our standards include such disciplines such as Responsiveness (web design), English Language quality and Social-Media representation just to name a few!

PPC / Placement Check Up

Collecting your placements reports from your Google AdWords campaigns is easy and convenient, simply download the spreadsheet file by following the instructions below:

How To Download AdWords Placements

  1. Open your AdWords Campaigns.
  2. Set the date range to All Time: May 13, 2021 – Aug 18, 2020.
  3. Choose the Display Network tab.
  4. Next click the Placements category button.
  5. Click the button from the toolbelt.
  6. Choose the Format: Excel .csv or .csv.
  7. Click the Download button.
  8. Attach the CSV file to Placement Tool.
  9. Click Campaign Check Up button below.



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Maximum CSV file size of 5 megabytes or
approx 20,000 placements - Excel CSV supported!

Top Ranking Advertising Placements

How much Campaign Data has Reach Metrics™ Accumulated?

Live Placement Snapshot from our Reach Metrics database:
66,449 keywords generated from over 2,077,037 contextual matching placements,
 collected from 232,289 ad-aware domains and the interstitials from 119,362 mobile apps.

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to see top 1,000 placements!

Our Pay Per Click data is sourced from competitor analysis, live campaign performance, demographic journals and real world online engagement statistics.