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When you bid for traffic, not only do you sponsor the content on which your ads run, but you also inherit the audience! Our products help you rapidly regulate advertising placement quality and increase campaign performance.

SEM Have you ever wondered why pay-per-click traffic is not as effective as organic traffic? Answer: Its because traffic sourced from advertising is essentially second-hand traffic and like anything 2nd-hand; its “origin” dramatically influences the quality of the traffic you get.

Reach Metrics rapidly collates nine web quality disciplines and three mobile app quality indicators to help you create a placement target list or add to your placement exlusion lists. This enhances the effective quality of your advertising campaigns by dramatically increasing conversion ratios, stabilizing click-through ratios and reducing traffic bounce rates.— In highly-competitive markets we have seen an increase in conversion ratios by up to 90% on the same budget.

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Search Engine Optimisation Tools

  • Reach Metrics Products

    Search Analytx™ Traffic originating on pages with a top organic search ranking represent higher quality visitors for your business. Search Analytx™ tracks the flow of traffic to ad-spaces within your advertising campaigns, targeting high performing placements while excluding those of lower quality.

  • Reach Metrics Products

    Language Analytx™ Blocking clicks from Mobile Apps and Websites with limited or poor use of the English language provides a strong competitive advantage for businesses with a broad consumer-base. The Language Analytx™ tool accurately tracks the English language quality of placements within your advertising campaigns.

  • Reach Metrics Products

    Social Analytx™ Buying traffic from websites that have an active Social Media presence increases the quality of clicks you receive. Our Social Analytx™ tool targets only Socially Active placements within your advertising campaigns while eliminating scraped, spun or misrepresented placements.

  • Reach Metrics Products

    Reach Analytx™ As a product of the Reach Analytx Assessment tool; the Reach Analytx provides businesses, marketers and researchers with a single metric on which to compare, valuate and quantify digital ad-space.

  • Reach Metrics Products

    Web Page Analytx™ Web Page Analytx™ Tool rapidly detects & assesses online ad-spaces suffering from technical issues and vulnerabilities like CMS, DNS and Malicious Scripts; all of which are strong indicators of reciprocal traffic quality.

  • Reach Metrics Products

    Mobile Analytx™ The Mobile Analytx™ tool collates Mobile Application ratings, reviews and developer information by their corresponding App Store IDs, allowing rapid assessment of in-app interstitial ad-space and reciprocal traffic quality.

  • Reach Metrics Products

    Target Analytx™ Target Analytx™ tool uses English language processors to provide independently verified and contextually targeted placement lists, refining advertising campaign focus and boosting audience engagement.

  • Reach Metrics Products

    IPv4 Exclusions™ Reach Metrics IP Exclusions™ tool generates geo-targeted IPv4 address exclusions tailored for each campaign; blocking impressions and clicks from competitors, regular website traffic and visitors from popular data centers.

Competitive SEM for 12 Months

The advertising industry has traditionally been a reactive entity, adapting itself to emerging trends rather than pre-emptively expecting market changes. Our digital marketing team uses a unique ‘proactive philosophy’ when designing our in-house Reach Metrics™ placement analysis tools.
By expecting significant market changes, we developed a unique methodology for not just retroactively assessing market changes. We pro-actively prepare your AdWords campaign to eliminate wasteful clicks with up to 1,300,000 negative placements.

Just like the prominence of airing a commercial during the Super Bowl has also carried an increasingly high price, digital advertising has an even more complex audience and valuation profile! Our Reach Metrics™ networks track the active content of millions of ad-spaces on the internet – this is the actual content consumers engage with before they even see your ads – and through in-house developed techniques, we validate those ad-spaces as marketable for your campaign!

No two campaigns are the same!
Tracking that moving target!
Climbing to the pinnacle of your advertising marketplace is like tracking a constantly moving target. It’s for this very reason that no two Reach Metrics™ AdWords Display Advertising campaigns are the same. Not only will there be significant differences in the campaign setup and targeting as configured by our in-house digital marketing consultants, but also our initial negative keywords and negative placement lists differ from campaign to campaign.

Short Term Optimisations Include:
  • Each AdWords Display Advertising campaign is assessed for over 30 considerations.
  • A pre-emptive list of up to 50,000 negative placements are added to each campaign (depending on the kit selection).
  • If an old AdWords campaign already exists we use any previously recorded data to build the most accurate campaign.
  • We openly communicate with you on a series of short and quite interesting questions to help us better understand your business – the final campaigns are usually ready within 2 business days.
Once your AdWords campaign has been created for you, the fun truly begins for you and your business.
Our work on the other hand has only just begun! As part of your purchase of a Reach Metrics™ AdWords Display Advertising – we reassess your campaign’s placements with our Reach Metrics™ placement analysis tools for 12 additional months with weekly reassessments for the first month! This ensures your new campaign delivers on our performance pledge and reacts to any new ad-spaces appearing on websites & mobile Apps along with responding to any new creatives you make.

This combination of long and short term optimisation really sets our Reach Metrics™ products apart and ensures your Advertising experience is rewarding and fun!