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Reflexive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Our Reach Metrics™ SEO keyword analytics tools are used to enhance the competitiveness of keywords and on-page content by improving search term visibility and promoting a focus on customer service! Using Reflexive SEO ensures the best results while using only industry best-practises and white-hat methods; all without using backlinks, inbound links or any of the methodologies used in the early days of Search Engine Optimization!

The inclusion of cloud-based Article writing tools helps content creators generate and export highly relevant webpage content and sets Reach Metrics™ apart as the Technology supplier to the worlds best SEO and SEM Professionals!

Reflexive SEO / on-page SEO

Reflexive SEO involves identifying Googles keyword relevancy patterns and adapting on-page content to suit. Andy Futchers unique algorithms make reflexive SEO easy and predictable – a real asset as it prevents reactive SEO techniques (guesswork) – but results are inherently short term as it is susceptible to industry and changing market forces. This is evident as the markets change so too do the relevant 'patterns' and thus content needs to be updated to reflect those market expectations.      

Proactive SEO / off-site SEO

Pro-active or off-site SEO is one of the most misunderstood of all digital disciplines. Where historically the emphasis lies with links and the PageRank algorithm, our reflexive technique evolved from an understanding of how content is aggregated by Google and the effects of linking pages together and how this affects the the relevance of the subject matter. This important distinction presents customers with an opportunity to actively encourage Google 'relevancy patterns' to prefer some keywords more than others, increasing the effectiveness and resilience of Reflexive SEO and all on-page SEO efforts. Proactive SEO is typically much more expensive and therefore we recommend most customers use reflexive SEO techniques to achieve results.

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    Reach Metrics™ combines 10 years of white-hat SEO experience with a unique understanding of how content relationships are affected by website structures and linking.
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    Our unique tool incorporates a modular ‘language parsing’ technology to identify English language “USES” from a 24bit database using over 1.3 million common words and phrases.
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    Working with Adwords & Adsense together has revealed unique insights into both Buying and Selling traffic online. Our experience allows us to protect our clients from technological and organised exploitation.
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    With experience in both Linux and Web Hosting Environments as well as Web Design & Development, our foundation in Web Standards underpins all SEO and web research endeavours.
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    Better Business Intelligence requires bigger and better data! Our custom-built web-crawler operates on our independent servers, processing millions of words per day from thousands of online sources.
  • Reach Metrics Products
    The inclusion of “cloud-based” Article editing and writing tools helps our content creators generate highly relevant web-page content that best addresses the needs of our customers!

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Pricing & Features

Choose which SEM Display Advertising best suits your budget and needs...
All prices quoted are once-off annual fees for a 12 month licence

Small Business
Powerful AdWords Campaign for a Highly Competitive Market
Competitive Businesses
Local IP ExclusionsLocal datacenters/VPNs excluded to increase geotargeting accuracyLocal IP Exclusions
Advanced AudiencesTarget demographics and custom competitive audiences configuredAdvanced Audiences
Language Analytx™Ensures clicks are sourced from English Only speaking Apps & SitesLanguage Analytx™
Web Page Analytx™Excludes placements with technical difficulties & prone to false clicksWeb Page Analytx™
All Reach Metrics™ Display Advertising Toolkits include the above campaign optimisations and 12 months of FREE campaign maintenance
Focuses Ad spend on websites with good social-media representationSocial Analytx™
Prevents your Ads appearing on websites with scraped/spun contentNo Scraped Content
Validates sources by cross-referencing organic search performanceSearch Analytx™
Prioritises clicks from ‘responsively designed’ web-traffic sourcesResponsive Priority
Gold and Platinum Display Advertising Toolkits offer considerable advantages for competitive markets
Mobile Analytx™ uses app store reviews & scores as quality indicators
IPv4 Exclusions reduces campaign spending on staff & site regulars
IPv4 Exclusions reduces clicks from common competitors networks